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Cougar women are all the rage in the United States. These hot 30 plus year old women are all over the place, and they are large and in charge. By large, I am not talking about fat. The typical cougar is nowhere near fat. In fact, she has six-pack abs, has a great body, she does yoga, she does pillatis, and she is in beautiful shape. Most importantly, she knows what to do with that body. She is not just something to behold like a nice sculpture or a nice work of art. She is a work of art you can stick your dick into and just fuck and fuck and fuck. That is right, they can fuck forever.

The great thing about cougar women is they do this because they know that, past 30, women have multiple orgasms. Guys are cursed with singular orgasm, meaning you fuck and you shoot your load, then you have to wait to recharge. It is just like playing a video game. You have to recharge until you get more bullets, and then you go at it. Not with women. It is like playing with a machine gun. They fire off one bullet and, if they are at the right age, they can fire off another bullet and another bullet. That is why a lot of older women just enjoy great sex. You can watch great sexy mature shows then!

Unfortunately, many cultures frown upon this. That is why a lot of older women in many Asian cultures and some Latin cultures are frustrated and living desperate lives. They are stuck with husbands who don’t want to service them because their husbands are old and slow and greedy with sex. That’s right. These guys would just fuck them enough for the guy to come and not really care if his wife climaxed. Talk about worthless sex. That is why a lot of these women who have turned their back on that bullshit are flocking to young guys.

If you are serious about having sex with cougar women, you have to have the right mindset. You have to first believe that you are worthy of having sex. Nine times out of ten, guys who fail to get the kind of pussy they are looking for fail because they sabotage themselves. They feel that they are not good-looking enough. They feel that they don’t have the right energy. They feel that they don’t make enough money. In other words, they don’t feel attractive enough.

Unfortunately, nobody will love you if you don’t love yourself. You have to learn how to accept yourself and draw strength from that. If you are able to do this, your aura changes. When you aura changes, women will be drawn to you. Why? Most guys have a defeatist or loser aura. When a guy who is highly confident walks to the room, it is like he is wearing some sort of magical cologne. Women stand up and pay attention. Why is this?

It is all about evolution. Women’s brains evolved because they are looking for a male winner – the male that would protect her, the male that would kill all other males that would harm her. This is called the alpha male syndrome. If you have the right aura, you can activate the alpha male syndrome and you will never run out of pussy to fuck.

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